How do we become successful in sales?

It’s not from any books you read, any savvy sales strategy learned, or through use of social networking or any ‘linked in’ connections. Simply, you must develop sincere and lasting relationships. Every opportunity you get, you build relationships. You ask open-ended questions, anticipate needs, clarify for understanding, and build trust when talking about your products and services one relationship at a time. You must be friendly and attentive on the phone, firmly shake everyone’s hand, look them in the eye when face to face, and follow up with any promises made.

Following these simple steps will create many satisfied clients which will inevitably bring you new ones as your existing clients tell others. Soon many will be contacting you directly as they too will want to be dealing with a professional who is reputable, understood their needs, and stands behind them in the worst of times. Basically the art of successful selling is having fantastic people skills!!

Research now shows that 85% of our success is built upon our ability to relate well to others.

The lessons for us in sales are simple. They include:

1. Develop your interpersonal skills – Build relationships, be genuine to everyone you meet, SMILE, shake their hand and look them in the eye.

2. Listen…listen…and listen again – This is one of the most common mistakes for those in sales because we all want to get our point across in one breath. Everyone knows that we have two ears and one mouth! That means we should listen twice as much as we speak and our clients will tell us the easiest way to close them

3. Ask open-ended questions – Follow the answer you have obtained with another question…possibly asking your customer to tell you more about that answer.

4. Know what you are talking about – Know your company inside out, know your products, and know what is happening in your community and our world.

5. Have a great attitude – We all want to do business with those that have a positive outlook on life, use plenty of positive affirmations and words

6. Discover needs and present solutions – We all have needs, and will buy from those that provide human connection and VALUE.

7. Paint pictures and tell third party stories – everybody likes to hear success stories so use this as a way to gain rapport and make your prospect visualize their own goals are achievable in this industry.

8. Be polite – always say please and thank you, these simple words which we learn as children go a long way when building relationships.

9. Be strong as salespeople – don’t just accept and agree with whatever the client says. They will respect you more if you have your own opinions and solutions.

10. Take notes and use them the next time you talk to them – find out personal things about your clients: job, kids, pets, hobbies etc. Will really impress them if you mention things they said last time you spoke.

In today’s world, there are many other additional lessons to be recommended. These include working a strong pipeline through technology applications (including social networking, linked in, twitter, blogs, etc.). But the basics still remain key.

Attitude and Energy

When you walk through the doors to the office, nothing else in your life matters except bringing in the deposits! All personal issues and problems must stay out in order for you to be truly committed and dedicated to your goals. Therefore, it is vital that you maintain a “cold blooded killer” type attitude and a burning desire to succeed. These two traits will keep you disciplined and focused throughout the day. (please don’t kill anyone though)

Control your Emotions.

When things are going well, celebrate it with a punch of the air, a little glory dance, or anything else which makes you feel empowered.


Don’t ever take your foot of the gas!

A proper salesperson will always see their basic salary as the bonus! The real money is earned through commissions and hitting targets. If you are happy and content with only your basic, you’re in the wrong industry.

When you love what you do, you do it better so please enjoy your job to get the most out of yourself on a day to day basis. Your clients will feel your energy and passion and be happier to speak with you


Ongoing training and practice:

In skills development there are many similarities to sport i.e. does an athletic champion stop training as soon as they win their first medal? In music, does a concert pianist stop rehearsing as soon as they have given their first recital? In art, does the artist stop improving after they have enjoyed the first exhibition of their work?

The answer in all cases is obvious and we should apply the same common sense principals to the ongoing development of our sales ability.

The reality is that selling in today’s climate is both an art and a science. Selling is a profession that demands a far wider range of skills than ever before, skills that require continual fine-tuning and constant practice.

In Summary – Ongoing Reinforcement and Development Is Essential:

The key word here is “ongoing”. Even if salespeople have undergone progressive sales training, there’s no guarantee that they will be successful. It is common knowledge that skills grow rusty over time and salespeople are prone to pick-up bad habits along the way or to simply skip steps and take shortcuts that can lead to long-term trouble.

Perhaps even more important these days, is the fact that markets, competition, technologies, and customer preferences are all in a constant and accelerating state of change.

This fact requires that sales people are able and willing to rethink their sales strategy and approach frequently and receive a regular top-up of skills and motivational coaching.

Common Objections we will face:

I don’t have money to trade” – then you can’t afford not to learn.

I don’t have time to trade” – markets are open 24/5, surely you can find 15-20 mins a day

Its not a good time to trade” – Its always a good time with endless opportunities, money is made during good and bad news / times etc

I want to, but im new to trading” – We offer Iron education in the form of webinars and the highest level of research

I want to read an email and think about it” – of course, but do ask me your questions now, I am your personal walking talking pool of information

I like really fast trades” – that’s excellent, we allow scalping and can even offer Binary Options with 60 second expiry times.

will I have support? – you will have my office and mobile number along with a support team you can contact at any hour

Can you be sure I will make money?” –  I can be sure you will have all the help and guidance you need to learn. The rest is about your dedication and commitment.

Are my funds safe with your company?” –  segregated account in the safest banks, from 0 to 30+ offices in less than 3 years, strict regulation…..your money is very safe

Why Iron FX?” – countless awards for company, platform, CEO, service, ranked in the top 10 global FX companies and we are just getting started.

Am interested in trading xy & z” – great, we have a vast choice of instruments and can consider adding extra product upon request

I need more time” no problem, but until the end of this week we have promotion a, bonus b, service c available!

Slippage and requotes?” – we have 5 servers and will be soon adding a 6th to ensure our instant execution.

Good offer but company x offers y also” – ok good point, but company x does not have ME!!!